Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another done

Day Two of Whiz Quiz training is done. Although the training is exactly what I thought it was, it is still some good information to have. And the discussion the class had about how a female version of "The Wizzinator" a) worked and b) was hidden from the observers sight, is a discussion that has scarred me.

My fantasy baseball team is doing well. I'm in second with a 3 point lead on third. First place remains far, far from my reach, but it's still a long season. Steals have been my weakness all season. I just have none. Dave Roberts is the only player on my roster with over 20 steals on the year, and Orlando Cabrera is the only player to have actually stolen double digits for me this year. I re-added Julio Lugo recently, but with him and Cabrera playing the same position it wasn't a brilliant move on my part. I've been saved by my pitching, Scott Kazmir, Aaron Harang, and Francisco Liriano have all contributed 10 wins, over 100 K's, and a WHIP under 1.35.

My time on the post library computer is drawing to a close. So off to finish my homework for the class. Ironically, if I was as good about doing my homework back when I was in college as I am nowadays, I probably wouldn't have gone AGR and thus became a recruiter. Remember kids, SFC B says do your homework or else the Army will make you a recruiter.


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