Friday, July 21, 2006


Had a productive trip to Prescott and now have a contract in the pipeline. With a bit of fortune he'll be in next week. Of course I'm counting my chickens before they're hatched so something will go wrong, but it makes me feel less sucky about having to go to Ft. Bliss for a week. Oh yeah, I'm going to Bliss for a week to take the UPL course. When I'm done I'llbe certified to send human waste through FedEx. Yay....

After closing out for the day most of the station went to the local watering hole for a good time. Some nachos, pizza, wings, and wobbly pops later I was back at home watching Advent Children. The Final Fantasy major release movie franchise would have went so much better if that had been the movie released instead of the one that was. Oh well. A movie based on a Final Fantasy game is doomed to the same fate that Serenity was. The background is just too rich to be condensed into a 90 minute feature that is still entertaining to the general public. Oh well.


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