Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the road again

Bags are packed, cat's been overfed, litter box is scooped, I've got my UPL study guide (cause if I didn't they would boot me from the course [why are the students required to provide their own study guides?]) and my directions to Ft. Bliss. I don't know why I printed them since the directions consist of: Get in car. Drive on I-10. Seven hours later Bliss is on your left. If you take a right instead of a left you are in Mexico. That's it.

I've thought about saying something "funny" during the first day of class about me and using drugs. Because there's usually some humor to be had during a unit urinalysis from how much someone doesn't want to do the test. 'Cause drug abuse is funny. However I'm not going to since it's never as funny when I say it out loud as it is in my head, and the instructor has, no doubtk heard every smart-ass remark before. Although I'm going to be away from recruiting for a whole week, I just want it to end. Looking over the study guide this is going to be a week of mind-numbing classroom discussion. This is a week long class to learn how to fill out a sign-in roster, put stickers on a bottle, and complete a FedEx label.

And yes, I'm writing my class AAR comments now. That way I can write them down, sign my name to the AAR sheet, and be done with it. Oh, and yes, I do put my name on AARs. I figure that anonymous critisim has no chance to change course work, but maybe someone actually putting their name to "this class is too damned long, we don't need 2 whole days dedicated to memorandums," will. I know, I know, I'm overestimating my own importance. That comment was on my BNCOC AAR.

Anyways, time is of the essence and I need to begin the drive. I'm hoping there aren't any DEA or Immigration stops along the way, those take forever to get through. Have a good week y'all.


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