Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Connection problems at the house kept me from doing any writing this weekend. It's very frustrating to be paying for a 50kbs and getting 3.4. Unfortunatly, because of the exclusive provider dealer that my apartment has with Qwest I'm unable to change the provider. I will base housing choices on the availability and options for high speed service.

While I was on a bandwidth-inspired hiatus though a minor tempest erupted on the blog role-model's site. Between the comments on TOC's site and JA's there is some pretty interesting reading. And Darth Commando gets in on the act too with occasional commenter IRR Soldier. Something I've realized is that, regardless of the problem with the Army, IRR's response is going to be to draft people.

I take issue with some of the comments that PFC Green's actions represent a failing in the system. That somehow, someway his behavior should have been predicted. That it's the failing of a recruiter or guidance counselor that allowed an alleged murder/rapist to slip through the cracks.

Anyways, my muse is hungover so not much to say. Pluh.


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