Thursday, July 06, 2006

Providing help for those who Provide Order

Blackfive got a call from someone looking to help the 402nd CA provide support to the Iraqi people. CPT Amira from B Co 402nd is looking for donated school supplies, snacks, toys, etc to pass out to the Iraqi people.

One of the units I support as an Army Reserve recruiter is a Civil Affairs battalion. They do some wicked good stuff. The sort of stuff that should be daily reading in newspapers, but never is because tales of Soldiers helping civilians doesn't fit with the "story". Oh well.

If you have the time, inclination, or motivation to do so these are some folks who deserve help in accomplishing their mission. CPT Amira's addy is:

CPT Greg Amira
B CO / 402 CA BN
FOB Warhorse
APO AE 09336

And useful hints for sending mail overseas (something that deployed Soldiers love to receive by the way) can be found at the invaluable Soldiers' Angels.


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