Friday, July 21, 2006

Head to the Mountains

Another week is almost in the books. I'm talking calendar week because the recruiting week ends on Monday. I can just imagine some MAJ at USAREC getting all excited because he thought up the current calendar used by USAREC. Maybe one of these days I'll post it so you non-recruiting folks can get a glimpse into what it's like. Pope Gregory's calendar has worked pretty good for a while now, I don't know why that's not good enough.

Oh well, it's a topic for another time.

This morning I'm rolling to Luke AFB for the morning workout, and when that's done I'll be headed to the mountains of Prescott. Got a call yesterday from the folks up north with a young man who's interested in the Army Reserve. I should get a big spotlight that shows an image of the Minuteman on the sky. They can turn that on when they need to call me. The Reserveman Signal.

Uhhhhhhh... no.

The first week of the month is not usually kind to my station. Despite my best efforts to have something lined up for W1 it doesn't happen. I'd have something for Week 2 set, but having an OPI scheduled seems to be a task that's a skill level too high for someone. I could go ahead and do it myself, I've done it before, but each time it creates a bigger headache. Some folks and some agencies do not like having their toes stepped on by some uppity recruiter trying to put people into the Army.

If there was ever an AAR done on the processing for a 09L my first suggestion is to stop making it a process where you can't schedule the next step until the current one is completed. I don't think the world will end if we schedule someone for an OPI before we have the ECLT results back. Instead the current SOP seems to be "wait until the results get back, then wait until someone gets around to it." I'm sure that scheduling this OPI is an important task for the counselors, but it's no where near as important to them as it is to me.

I spoke w/ the testing folks at Monterrey and Lackland, they don't care where the telephonic OPI interviews take place, all they care about is that there is a test control officer present. I'm located between a big freaking AF base and two Reserve training divisions. I'm willing to bet I could find a TCO somewhere besides at the testing center at MEPS. I wonder how much trouble I'd cause if I were to just have my current guy take his OPI with a TCO from the 104th?

Anyways, off to get my PT on.


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