Saturday, July 08, 2006


SGT Lori is a Nasty National Guard recruiter from the Peach State. I'd been lucky enough to be graced by her in the comments before. Now that she's completed recruiting school she's out on the streets. Damn you National Guard recruiters and your blissful, USAREC-Free life. I curse you all.

Some advice for you young Padawan, just keep plugging. Always try and talk to people. Don't let it run your life though. If you're at the store after work, try and go through the line with the kid who looks qualified at the register or bagging. Carry cards always. You don't need a wad of them, but if you're at McD's with your kiddos, or you're out to dinner leave a card. Ordering pizza is a good way to have an appointment made walk up to your door. It's not worth it to lie. And no matter how badly your month, quarter, year is going when you tell the kid to "shut-up" about something it's going to come back to bite you on the ass. Good luck out there.


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