Monday, February 06, 2006

Month darkens

It wasn't a great weekend. Not at all. But I lived and, all things considered, it could have been worse.

The last week of the RCM is upon us and life just keeps on plugging away. SGT W^3 and I are still waiting for that last one to write. We've now had an IRR-TPU transfer sitting at MEPS/OPS for a week. This is a simple personnel action. It's like all the hands that are involved in the transfer are trying hard to make SFC SC2 lose his mind. It will get written, just a matter of when.

I've got a couple of prior service folks waiting on the med section to clear them. One just needs a simple ortho waiver and the other needs a med read for a hysterectomy. If the ortho waiver comes back he'll probably write this month to get the AR to a +1 for the month and make up the shortfall from last month. Among the names and numbers on my ARISS are a trio of potential 09Ls. They have the usual assortment of issues. The one who wants to join is OW, and the one who meets the standards isn't ready to commit. Oh well, gives me something to work on.


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