Friday, May 12, 2006

Comings and Goings on

I'm sure that Station Commando's frustration at the lack of responses to his poll led to the death of many innocent Jawas. As an aside, if there a Star Wars critter you'd more want to torture than a Jawa? Jar-Jar notwithstanding. Oh, and just to stoke your fires more SC, I was one of the five hippies.

Over at Politics of a Patriot the future of the Marine Corps clues us in to an excellent addition to a Soldier's equipment. It's triple digits here in the Valley of the Sun so I can appreciate the value of something which can lower body temp. Of course I keep myself cool by driving the GOV with the windows up and the A/C on 5. HMMWVs don't have that luxury though.

The Astros finally ended their 6 game skid. It's going to make it slightly harder for me to collect from SSG Rage now. Of course, it was going to be very hard since he'll probably be in Iraq cursing the plethora of CAT IVs I'm trying to enlist so they'll be in his platoon.

It's a sign of my total dorkitude that I know exactly what Brian is talking about when he has Black Mage being frustrated by the locals. I'm pretty sure that such annoyance will be met with a vicious and murderous Hadoken. Killing innocents is fun.

It hasn't been a good week for me. Self inflicted damage, both professional and personal, keeps happening. Oh well, the pain makes one feel alive at least. Have a good weekend folks.


Made a slight change I'd been meaning to do. Added Jon of Just my opinion to the lil blog roll. I actually like the thought of my Future Soldiers blogging. I'm curious how the recruiters of these blogging recruits feel though.


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