Monday, May 22, 2006

My contribution

There's been another apparent fraud found impersonating a Ranger. Far better bloggers than myself are all over it. However, I did have a little thing to add. It's pretty clear that this guy isn't a Ranger, but was he even ever in the Army? As Allah pointed out anyone can make a profile on, but this guy's took the cake. So I figured I'd go look where it's a lot harder to fake the funk.

He's not on Army Knowledge Online. It doesn't mean he's never had an account, but for how old he is, and how long he served, he really should still have a user name for AKO. It's a requirement for anyone in the Army, and it has been for a few years now.

I only searched for a couple of different spellings of his name, there seems to be some disagreement about what it is, but it seems to me that this guy has done worse than just lie about being an elite like the Ranger. He mighthave lied about ever putting on the boots.

Searching for Jess MacBeth:

And searching for Jess McBeth:

AKO Allows you to search for a specific name, or a name that contains particular letters. Since Jessie and Jesse both contain "Jess" I went with that to save the trouble of four different searches. Regardless, it doesn't change the results.

Who do I need to email to get this guy charged with fraud?

*UPDATE* Originally I'd linked to a hosted version of the AKO screenshots but I got them embedded into the post now. I just prefer how it looks. I also added the explaination about just searching for "Jess".

*UPDATE 2* Thanks all you kind visitors from Hot Air and Allahpundit. Never had a 'lanche of any type before. The ego is well-stroked.


jlesseig said...

bravo, SFC! excellent work.

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