Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wealthy and wise

Today marks the third morning in a row I'm up before the sun to work with one applicant. The 09L I'd mentioned here, as well as in several entries I never finished, has been something of a pain. He's had to go downtown repeatedly for processing, each of several steps having to be completed by itself, and unable to combine the steps and kill two birds with one stone. It's been frustrating for the both of us because there's been the usual assortment of errors and mistakes on all three parties involved: the applicant, myself, and MEPS.

Today is the rubber-meets-the-road day though. Testing is done and hopefully he'll be in today. Fingers crossed.

*UPDATE* He didn't join on Thursday, but he did sign his contract today. The Reserves has now covered their end and we're working to make-up shortfalls from the rest of the year.


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