Sunday, May 14, 2006

Most Wonderful

Today is, of course, Mother's Day. A recent study I'd heard about on the radio said that 47% of women thought that Mother's Day was a more important holiday that Christmas. Yes folks, a sizable minority of people think our moms are more deserving of recognition than Christ. In the spirit of that I'll maintain my life-long commitment to being late and forgetful.

I'm not someone who is very good at expressing how they feel. What I think isn't a problem. Hell, I have a whole blog devoted to expressing what I think. However what I feel is something I keep to myself. The way any good, proud man does. Keep it buried, deep inside, pushing all emotion down into the belly until it forms an ulcer. Don't look at me like that, it's healthy. So, anyways, here goes something.

Thank you mom. Thanks for handling one of the tougher jobs on Earth and handling it so very well. I won't put raising me on the same plane as performing brain surgery, but I'm pretty sure that a brain surgeron would rather cut open a skull than have to have been a parent to me. Thanks for always being there, and supporting me despite some moments of supreme stupidity. Thanks for taking on both roles and doing them better than most people handle one. I deal daily with people who don't have a parent who cares. I often chafed at the concern you'd show for me, enforcing curfews asking questions about where I've been, who I went with, etc etc, but it's something I'm thankful for now.

Anyways, Astros are on soon and my brain has tired out. Thank mom and Happy Mother's Day. I loves ya moms.