Friday, September 01, 2006


The Astros continue their winning ways taking three of three from the Brew Crew. This one had some excitement as the first base umpire apparently had a childish vendetta against the Brewers. I'm glad that there's an umpire who will give the benefit to the 'Stros now and again (Lord knows Angel Hernandez has made it his goal in life the screw the Astros every time theyt meet), but Jeff Cirillo wasn't out, and the spat w/ Brady Clark was childish.

Anyways it all counts as a W and that's what matters.

Supposedly today is going to be the start of a 4-day weekend. However MEPS is open and I have a kid testing, so no day off. There's also a function going on at one of our schools which means most of us in the station are working. Now, in one of the silliest things I've ever heard in recruiting, if we're working today we were going to get Tuesday off. Yeah. Right. Sure thing. Basically two people in the station are going to get a four day weekend while the rest will get a three day. The people getting four days are not the recruiters who've enlisted quality contracts.

That sounded a lot more bitter than I meant it to.

I'm not bitter about the recruiters getting time off. They deserve it. I'm bitter about the constant repeating of "you have contracts in you get time off" and yet I'm always rolling out at 8pm Monday through Thursday and working Saturdays regardless of what my production looks like. We get told things like "We in recruiting care about your families and home life" but when the rubber meets the road it will always be about production. And with the Cerebus of PMS, Processors, and Contracts there will always be something they can use to say you're failing.

"Sure, you enlisted two people by T2, but you don't have anyone testing. See you Saturday."

"Good job getting two testers for the week and conducting four appointments, but you're on a nut. See you Saturday."

"You nailed your PMS and you've put one in. Thanks for putting one in the fight, but you have no one scheduled for next week so see you Saturday."

And the latest bit of insanity I'd heard is this. "No, you can't go visit your dying close family member, or close family member having major surgery because we have a mission to accomplish. If you were in Iraq or Afghanistan you wouldn't be able to go see them." I can't describe the levels on which hearing about that made my head spin.

And that's just the frustration with the stuff outside of the Army. I could write a whole other post about the pain associated with stuff the Army requires of Soldiers. Things like CTT, counseling, PT, and basically anything related to career management. I don't mind the focus on the mission to the exclusion of all else, but I do mind the attempts to say that isn't the case.


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