Friday, January 27, 2006

Eww... spleen juice

I was on Torrentspy and I came across a story about how Saddam is hoping to sue Bush and Blair. The comments were, sadly, what I expected. The worst anyone had to say about Saddam was he "was a mean assed bastard", and some of the comments even suggested that he was right to sue because Bush and Blair are both so very evil. My spleen exploded and I posted my own dribble. Figured I'd share it because, well, I can't hope to learn if I don't get some constructive critism.

"Hrmm, the only problem i see is did saddam really do the evil things he did, or did bush/blair make it all up to get us to go into his country."

Decide for yourself.

If you want a first-hand account of Saddam's treatment of the Kurds shoot me an email. I'd be more than happy to put you in touch with a couple of Iraqi Kurds who were there during the Iran-Iraq war and the Persian Gulf War. One served in the Peshmerga and the other served in the Iraqi Army.

Saddam didn't limit his activities to the north though. The Marsh Arabs also suffered under a bit of his special attentions.

These are the easiest, most readily available crimes committed by Saddam.

I'll conceed the point that Bush and Blair are not saints. I'm sure there have been violations of various treaties committed by allied troops. For the most part they're isolated cases and abusers are punished and changes implemented to prevent it from occuring again.

The actions of Saddam's Army WERE THE NORM. That was standing operating procedure of his government to opress, terrorize, and torture his enemies, real and perceived. To draw any sort of similarity between the various crimes committed by US and UK troops, and the atrocities and genocide practiced by Saddam is irresponsible and reprehensible.

Maybe Saddam wasn't the worst violator of human rights around. Maybe Bush and Blair should be sued. But how about a call go out to bring some other, more serious, offenders to justice?

Robert Mugabe.
Fidel Castro
Any number of Chinese officials
Iran's mullahs play in this league too

And finally there are the darlings of "progressives" everywhere. The Palestinians

"Saddam Was A Mean Ass Bastard, But He Definitely Has A Point."

School bullies are "mean ass bastards". Saddam was a murdering sociopath who got his jollies from the torture, rape, and murder of women and children. He would watch as his enemies were put to death in industiral shredders, throw off three story buildings, or simply shot in the back of the head. He managed to sire two of the sickest sons one who ever be unlucky enough to meet. One who was a raping and murdering psycho who would torture soccer players for losing. The other a sociopath like his dad who would, likely, have had his older brother killed to clear his own path to the throne.

I'm going to be a sterotyping prick and assume most of the commenters here are in college. Because you'd have to have a pretty twisted world view to see any sort of similarity between Bush and Blair, and Saddam.

I'm sure I could have found better examples if I spent more time researching than I did. I pisses me off something firce when someone refuses to see the difference between a crime like Abu Gharib and a crime like Halabja. The US wouldn't commit an atrocity like Halabja in the wildest, wettest dream of the most feverent believer that this is Bushitler's Amerikkka. It wouldn't happen.

I'm sorry for the long rambling posts lately. My spleen feels empty so hopefully I'll be back to my usual "Recruiting sucks and everything that is wrong in my life is because of USAREC" soon enough.

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