Saturday, January 14, 2006

Krispy Kreme on Tuesday

It didn't happen. My 09L didn't enlist and I'm the World's Worst Recruiter. Or I would be if SSG George didn't take two DEP losses this month.

Wasn't DQ'd, thankfully. Something else broke the process.

Turns out that the Defense Language Institute doesn't have dozens of speakers sitting around waiting for a call. So I wasn't able to get the interview done, and without the interview he can't enlist. So on Friday he'll be speaking with a Durhi (sp?) speaker and hopefully getting a 2 or better on the speaking/listening test. If so, two GAs, week one. Yay. If not, SFC B will be taken out back and shot. Boo.

Off for the weekend. Have a good one folks.


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